community board

The governing body of the Armenian community Neuwiede.V. consists of seven elected board members, plus the parish priest. The chairman, the deputy chairman, the treasurer and the parish priest form the parish council within the meaning of the law (§ 26 BGB).

The municipal budget is decided by the board of directors. In addition, all important topics of community life are discussed and advice is given on the implementation of events.

The board of directors is elected for a period of three years and can then be re-elected. The last municipal elections were held in 2021.

The board of the parish as well as the diocesan delegates were last on 10/17/2021 chosen.
It includes the following people:

  • Honorary President – Rev. Vahridsch BAGHDASARYAN
  • Chairperson – Birgul CAKMAK
  • deputy Chairman – Dayat CHAROYAN
  • Treasurer—Krikor POLOYAN
  • deputy Treasurer – Zarmiene KELASERIAN
  • Secretary – Atilla CAKMAK
  • deputy Secretary—Armen SAFARYAN

Diocesan delegates:

  • Zenik CATAK
  • Arman BOYACI
  • Chochanik CHAROYAN

The decision of the meeting was on 19.10.2021 confirmed in writing by the Primate, HE Bishop Serovpe Isakhanyan.

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