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The Armenian community in Neuwied is one of the 16 Armenian communities in Germany. It was founded in 1981 by Armenians who came to Germany as guest workers from Turkey, with the name "Council of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Rhineland-Palatinate eV" and with the aim of preserving and developing the thousands of years old Armenian culture and the Christian faith. The community initially consisted of about 40-50 families. In the course of the difficult situation of the Armenians in Turkey, the civil war in Lebanon, regime change in Iran and the economic crisis in the newly created Armenian Republic, more and more Armenians fled abroad, and later many also came as refugees from other trouble spots in the Middle East Area of the Armenian Association in Neuwied. Within a short time, the number of parishioners multiplied.

With the founding of an independent Armenian diocese in Germany in 1991, the church association joined the diocese and changed its name to "Armenische Gemeinde Neuwied e. V.” Today she looks after around 200 families in the postal code areas 53, 54 and 56.

The community activities, which were initially only of a religious and social character, also developed over the years according to the needs of the community members, especially the younger generation. In addition to regular church services, the congregation today also offers various events of a cultural nature, such as author readings and evening lectures, as well as family afternoons and women's groups. The preservation of the traditions and the commemoration of the victims of the first genocide of the 20th century against the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire in 1915 is an important task of the community. In October 2014, the congregation erected and dedicated an Armenian cross stone in Neuwied to commemorate the victims.

As part of its membership in the Working Group of Christian Churches (ACK) in Neuwied, the congregation takes an active part in ecumenical life in Neuwied and takes part in various ACK events. The congregation is also involved in various activities in ecumenical and intercultural events in the neighboring towns. The community strives to integrate its community members without losing its own national identity. Despite the many existing difficulties of diaspora life, it has so far managed to fulfill its duties in the best possible way.

The parish's holy liturgies are celebrated every third Sunday of the month at 12 noon in the Catholic St. Bonifatius Church in Niederbieber.

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Here is an overview of some of the offers in our community. Most of our offers and events are open to the public. Community members and friends of the community as well as interested parties are invited. More detailed information about offers, services and projects can be found in the section TO SERVE on this web page.

Come to me, all of you who are weary and heavy laden! I want to refresh you.
Matthew 11:28

If you would like to talk to us or have questions about your faith, if you need prayer, if you want a personal confession or a conversation about confession, if you would like a personal conversation, if you would like a house blessing, if you or your relatives are ill, if you or your relatives are in need, if you are preparing for a baptism or wedding, if you have other personal concerns - then talk to us parish priest at. He loves making time for you.

We are looking for choir members for our services.

The tasks and objectives of our choir are first and foremost the musical accompaniment of the liturgy celebrations and the services of our congregation.

For more information, please contact the pastor or board of directors.

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